Why and how youth should get involved in agriculture

| January 24, 2022

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This week’s story from Ghana is about a woman who bravely forges a career in a field that has been dominated by men. 

But while we’re thinking about jobs for young people, let’s not forget farming!

This edition’s Script of the Week focuses on why and how youth should get involved in agriculture. 

Youth are the future of agriculture, yet most young people do not see a future in farming. Worldwide, young people who are interested in farming face challenges in trying to earn a living, including lack of land, and lack of access to credit and other important resources.

According to Mercy Corps AgriFin Accelerate, 90 per cent of farmers aged 18 to 35 in Kenya are highly engaged with information and communication technologies. They are active users of social media, particularly Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp, and are bringing a new dynamism and perspective to agriculture. They are also energetic and quick to learn.

With farming populations aging, there is a need to engage youth in agriculture by making it attractive for them to be involved. This entails giving them access to knowledge, information, and education on agribusiness, as well as to land, financial services, and markets that fit their interests and skills.

In this fictional drama, Alex is young man who has tried several small businesses without success and is on the verge of getting into a life of crime. He and most of his peers don’t think young men can succeed in farming. After much convincing from his friend Amara, a young man who is doing well in farming, Alex starts an agribusiness. At first, he is faced with a major challenge. The drama revolves around the question of whether he will overcome the challenges and excel in farming.

This drama contains nine scenes, varying in length from 3 to 5 minutes.

Duration of the entire drama, with intro and outro: 30-35 minutes.