It’s better to sell together: The benefits of collective marketing

| July 25, 2016

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This week’s story from Malawi shows the benefits of collecting marketing for dairy farmers. Our Script of the week looks at collective marketing for cassava farmers in Tanzania.

Cassava has become a delicacy and a lucrative business opportunity in the city of Dar es Salaam. Women petty traders sell raw cassava to motorists in highway traffic jams, and the number of consumers buying cassava flour in urban shops and supermarkets is increasing.

In Tanzania, cassava has graduated from simply being food for particular cultures to a national food and a snack eaten raw, boiled, or fried as a crisp. It is now popular, accepted, and eaten by people from all walks of life.

In this script, we hear from a processor who prefers to buy from marketing groups, and we hear from a cassava farmer who heads a marketing collective. The farmer notes that, by joining the group, not only does he receive better prices and a more assured market, but also more attention and training from extension workers, NGOs, and even the municipality—which has linked the group to larger buyers and processors.

You could use this script as inspiration for creating your own programming on cassava marketing and the cassava value chain in your country.

Talk to cassava farmers, processors, and other experts. You might ask them:
• What are the business opportunities for producing and processing cassava in your community, region, or country?
• Have farmers formed groups to collectively market their cassava or cassava flour? Have these groups been successful?
• What are the challenges to collective marketing and what solutions have groups come up with?