Videos on cooling chambers and solar dryers

| January 23, 2017

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Two of our Farmer stories this week describe technologies to help farmers keep fruit and vegetables in good condition after harvest. But these technologies can be a bit difficult to picture. Watch these videos to understand more about Zero Energy Cooling Chambers and solar dryers.

Cooling chamber

The World Vegetable Center’s video shows how farmers can keep their vegetables cool by building a cooling chamber with some bricks and a little sand. See how to construct the simple Zero Energy Cooling Chamber. (in Kiswahili with English subtitles)

Solar dryer

Mould often grows on chilies when they are moist. Solar dryers can prevent this by speeding up the drying process. This video shows how to make a simple solar dryer to dry chilies and other vegetables. Watch the video or download the audio in English, French, or nine other languages.

Farmers can dry many different fruits and vegetables and store them long after harvest. A solar dryer makes this process faster and safer.

See how farmers dry pineapple in this video, or download the audio. (Available in English, French, and Bangla.)

Green leafy vegetables can spoil quickly. See how farmers can dry them in this video, or download the audio. (Available in English and French.)

Main photo credit: Access agriculture