Fall armyworm backgrounder available in Amharic and Oromife

| September 10, 2018

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Farm Radio International has published an extensively updated version of the Backgrounder on Fall armyworm (FAW) we originally published in October 2017.

This document contains the latest research and recommendations for monitoring, identifying, and managing Fall armyworm in Africa.

You can find related stories about how farmers in many African regions are managing Fall armyworm on the Barza Wire website: https://wire.farmradio.fm/en/farmer-stories/search?q=Fall%20armyworm

You can read and download the complete Fall armyworm Backgrounder in English, French, Amharic, or Oromife here: http://scripts.farmradio.fm/am/radio-resource-packs/109-farm-radio-resource-pack-amharic-oromifa/fall-armyworm-backgrounder-amharic/