Women’s right to land is necessary for community development

| March 20, 2017

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Like this week’s Farmer story from Senegal, our Script of the week focuses on land and land rights.

Across Africa, women provide the bulk of labour on farms. But they have little say on how land is used, and this affects food production in a big way.

In September 2010, the International Development Research Centre hosted an international conference on women’s access to land, held in Nairobi. This script is based on a case shared in the conference. It highlights the successes women have achieved in the fight for their right to land and property in Kenya. The script also recognizes the role of grassroots-led women’s organizations in community development.

The script also addresses gender inequality in land allocation, decision-making within the extended family, the place of women and children in land disputes, and the role of local government in protecting women and children from discrimination.

You can adapt this script to your local situation by interviewing a local expert on food security and land rights, or by highlighting a successful case study related to land rights in your area.

Please keep in mind that this script talks about the situation in Kenya. Laws and customs around women and land rights vary from one country to another. So, before producing a program on this topic, you will need to do some local research to identify the situation in your area.