Women, property, and inheritance

| May 7, 2018

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This week’s Farmer story from Zimbabwe highlights the impact of corrupt practices on local women’s access to productive land. Our Script of the week considers how women can use existing laws and other resources to fight for their land rights.

Many people believe that customary laws deny women inheritance rights. But more often, it is a misinterpretation of these laws that results in women being denied their rights. In fact, the initial intent of customary laws was to ensure that widows and their children were provided for after the death of a husband.

Many organizations offer assistance and support to women by educating them about laws and by offering legal help. A list of other organizations appears at the end of this script. (Please note that this script is from 2005 and some organizations may have different contact information, different names, or may not even exist.)

Invite lawyers, paralegals, or community workers who are knowledgeable about inheritance laws to come to your radio station to discuss women and property rights.

This script is a fictional sample interview with a legal expert that discusses some important considerations for women.