Women and credit – Part 2: Women start a revolving loan fund

| April 26, 2021

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Like our story from Kenya, our Script of the week is about a revolving loan fund. Groups that organize themselves to grant regular loans to members and collect regular dues from members have been called many names: SACCOs (savings and credit co-operative societies), VSLAs (village savings and loan associations), tontines, revolving loan fund groups, and other names. The different types of groups may have slight differences, but they are all ways for members to regularly pool small amounts of money together to improve their livelihoods in various ways.

In this short drama, two women talk about creating a revolving loan fund. With their neighbours they eventually start a group. Along the way, they learn what works and what doesn’t work. They decide that their group will focus on providing loans only for income-generating opportunities, and they learn that keeping good records is essentially to successfully running the group.

Women and Credit – Part 2: Women Start a Revolving Loan Fund