Women and credit: A three-part series

| March 10, 2019

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This week’s Farmer story from Senegal highlights the benefits of incremental saving—regularly putting a small amount of money aside so it’s available when you need it most.

Our Script of the week is a three-part series that looks at women and credit. Part 1 defines some of the basic concepts related to credit and introduces the idea of a community credit group. In Part 2, a group of women creates a revolving loan fund. And in Part 3, women establish a purchasing and marketing co-operative.

The first two parts are fictional conversations between two women characters, one who doesn’t know much about credit and the other who does. The third part is the story a group of women in Russia who set up a co-operative.

You could make a program that educated your listeners about some of the basic concepts discussed in these scripts: for example, credit, interest, micro-credit institutions, revolving loan funds, and co-operatives. You could invite members of farmers’ co-operatives and people who work at banks, micro-credit lenders, or other financial institutions to speak about these issues and take questions on a call-in program.