To market, to market – Episode 1: Trusting the trader: The importance of reliable information

| April 24, 2017

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This week’s Farmer stories focus on marketing. Our Script of the week is the first part of a five-part series which focuses on understanding and using market information. With accurate market information, farmers can decide which crops to grow, and where and when to sell in order to get the best prices.

Broadcasters could run all five of these short dramas as a series, for example, once a day for five days or once a week for five weeks. The cast of five characters continues throughout the series, although not every character appears in each scene.

In casting the roles of the characters, remember to choose actors with different qualities to their voices so that listeners can quickly and easily identify which character is speaking. Work with the performers to emphasize vocal differences and speech patterns. The voices should correspond to the characters’ different ages.

Episode one emphasizes the importance of getting market prices from a reliable source before selling farm produce. Listeners will learn the importance of investigating different sources of market information in order to compare prices. Further episodes focus on:

  • how supply and demand affect prices,
  • making the best choices of where to sell your produce,
  • how to calculate your costs, and
  • how radio programs and extension agents can help farmers plan their production and marketing.