SolarAid’s micro solar project in rural Tanzania: Tremendous solar energy potential

| May 9, 2016

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This week’s story from Tanzania highlights the potential of solar energy to benefit the environment and improve livelihoods. Our Script of the week also focuses on solar energy in Tanzania. Please keep in mind that this story is from 2009, and there may have been significant developments in solar power since that time.

The potential for solar energy in Tanzania is tremendous and probably underestimated by the global community. But the initial cost of buying a solar panel has been too high for most people. As a result, rural Tanzanians in need of power have been unable to take advantage of solar energy. For example, one secondary school in Mafinga District, Iringa Region, uses kerosene in laboratory tests, and cannot use computers because there is no power. But SolarAid, a UK-based organization, is bringing new hope for solar-powered energy in rural areas of Tanzania.

This script is based on actual interviews. Use it as inspiration to research your own story on solar power in your area.