Sexual consent

| July 11, 2022

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Like this edition’s Farmer story from Mali on sexual consent and contraceptives, our Script of the week also focuses on sexual consent. 

Sexual consent is the voluntary agreement that a person gives to his or her partner before participating in a sexual activity. This sexual consent must be based on a free and informed choice. If a person refuses to participate in sexual activity and is forced to do so, it is an assault. However, the notion of “non-consent” is not widely used in everyday language. Without fully understanding the notion of consent, some young and older people may encounter problems in their intimate relationships. To shed light on the grey areas surrounding this notion, this script interviews two legal experts and two students in Burkina Faso.

This radio script is based on real interviews. You could use it as inspiration to research to write a radio script on a similar topic in your region. Or you might choose to produce this script on your station, using voice actors to represent the speakers. If so, please make sure to tell your audience at the beginning of the program that the voices are those of actors, not t of the people involved in the original interviews.