Sawdust prolongs the storage life of potatoes

    | October 13, 2013

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    This week’s story from Cameroon underlines how important it is to have good storage facilities, and to use good storage practices.

    Even more than most growers, potato farmers need good storage facilities and practices. Storing potatoes is a big challenge for growers. Potato farmers harvest their whole crop at the same time. This floods the market and means that farmers receive low prices.

    Potatoes spoil if they are left for long in the field when they are ready for harvest. And potatoes do not last long in storage unless proper practices are used. When in storage, they can be attacked by pests, especially disease organisms. This can lead to great losses for farmers, losses which have serious impacts on food security and income. It also contributes to high consumer prices when the crop is out of season.

    This script highlights a creative approach to storing potatoes. An innovative farmer uses sawdust to preserve his potatoes for a longer period of time. The story shows how local farmers are innovating to address the challenges they face on the farm.