Sack farming: Unlimited vegetable harvest

| October 7, 2018

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Like one of this week’s Farmer stories from Tanzania, our Script of the week is about growing vegetables in bags, also called sack farming. The script goes into more detail on exactly how people can start sack farming themselves.

Scientific reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change say that rapid population growth has put extreme pressure on the natural environment in Africa. Globally, over one billion people experience the hardship of hunger, a figure that continues to rise even amidst the riches of the 21st century and, as we saw in this week’s Resource, has risen every year for the past three years.

This script on sack farming provides a glimmer of hope for managing household food security, especially in towns and cities. It features Mike Buseti, a Kenyan farmer who discovers sack farming. Sack farming allows him to escape the starvation that threatened his family.

Sack farming involves planting vegetable seedlings on the sides of earth-filled synthetic sacks that are placed on rooftops or doorsteps. Sack farming can be practised anywhere in the world, as it does not require farmland or rainwater.