Radio spots on myths and misconceptions about sexual consent and contraceptives

| October 17, 2022

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This edition’s Farmer story from Malawi discusses contraceptives and accessing sexual and reproductive health services. Our Script of the week addresses similar issues in a new series of 16 radio spots. 

Myths and misconceptions are information that is false. As in many countries, myths and misconception are widespread in Mali, including those related to sexual consent and using contraceptives, mainly because Malian society is very traditional. But attitudes are gradually changing.

These radio spots cover the following topics:

1. When a woman says no, she means no!

2. Even in the home, consent is necessary

3. What the law says about sexual consent

4. Zero pregnancy in schools

5. Contraception for family well-being

6. Condoms offer protection from STIs and unwanted pregnancies

7. Effectiveness of injectable birth control

8. Consent is not a western invention

9. Spermicides are not harmful

10. Difference between using contraceptives and promiscuity

11. The benefits of the Jadelle implant

12. The IUD never sticks to the child

13. The emergency pill is not poison

14. Birth control pills are safe!

15. Contraceptives do not lead to menopause

16. You must always get consent!

The spots are 15-60 seconds long, and can be aired several times during programs throughout the year. They can also be aired at other times when listeners are listening.