Putting worms to work for you

| April 16, 2018

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This week’s Farmer story from Kenya highlights the benefits of using earthworms to make compost. Farmers have always known that the earthworms in their fields improve the soil. But you can grow earthworms in containers where they turn farm and kitchen waste into rich compost to feed your plants.

Growing earthworms is called vermiculture. It is a fast and simple way to get free fertilizer for your crops—and get rid of waste materials at the same time. You do not need any special materials for it, and you can make as much or as little compost as you choose. That depends on what you need and how much space you can spare.

Farmers in many parts of the world cultivate earthworms, and the methods they use differ from place to place. Our Script of the week describes a method developed in an agricultural university in India that is suitable for tropical regions. It turns waste into compost in two to four weeks. Farmers who have used this compost fertilizer say it helps them grow healthy crops with fewer pests.