Make sure tools and workloads are appropriate for children

| August 31, 2015

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This week’s story from Cote d’Ivoire highlights child labour in the cocoa fields. Our Script of the week covers the same ground.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is an internationally ratified human rights treaty designed to protect children from performing any work that is exploitative or dangerous, is harmful to their physical, mental, spiritual or social development, or that interferes with children’s right to an education.

Children who work long hours, or work in hazardous conditions, are denied these rights. Two other widely ratified international treaties, the Minimum Age Convention No. 138, and the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention No. 182, set standards relating to child labour and working conditions for young workers.

The aim of this week’s drama is to make farmers, families of children at risk, and the community at large aware of the unsafe conditions under which children often work on farms. As a follow-up to the drama, you might interview an expert in child labour issues who can explain work and workloads that are appropriate for children.

The chocolate and cocoa industry, the International Labour Organization, and national and local governments have set up pilot projects to educate farmers on safe growing practices, labour laws, and appropriate working conditions for children. Be on the lookout for information about these projects in your area.