Ivorian cocoa: Access to finance is the key to success for women in the cocoa bean processing industry

| February 21, 2022

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Like this edition’s Farmer story from Côte d’Ivoire, our Script of the week focuses on women, cocoa production, and processing. 

Côte d’Ivoire is the leading producer of cocoa, with 41% of the world supply. Many initiatives by women’s associations to process cocoa beans into products such as cakes and biscuits are beginning to surface.

But these initiatives have limited or/and weak financial means, and the women’s only recourse is access to bank loans. Do women have access to these loans? How can access to funding help women to invest in processing cocoa beans? This script answers all these questions.

To produce a similar program on how access to finance can help women engage in cocoa agribusinesses, you might want to draw on this script. If you decide to present it as part of your agricultural program, you can use voice actors or radio colleagues to represent the people interviewed. If so, please inform your audience at the beginning of the program that these are the voices of actors and radio presenters and not those of the actual interviewees.

If you want to broadcast programs on financing women in the cocoa industry, talk to women cocoa farmers, finance specialists, and other stakeholders in the cocoa value chain. You could ask them the following questions, for example:

  • Do women have easy access to credit?
  • How can access to finance help women invest in agribusiness?
  • What cocoa processing initiatives are being undertaken by women?
  • Can access to finance have an impact on women’s lives?