Gender mainstreaming in farmers’ co-operative: Groups in Ghana achieve food security for small-scale farmers

    | October 22, 2012

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    In keeping with our theme of gender and agriculture, our script of the week (from our most recent script package) looks at a farmers’ co-operative in northern Ghana. With the help of an NGO, the co-op is helping farmers to adopt farming practices and lifestyles which are respectful of both women and men.

    The Kanlade farmers’ co-operative was established to encourage farmers – and especially men – to appreciate the role their wives play in farming and home management. Traditionally, women’s roles in Salaga, the capital of East Gonja District, are to provide farm labour and act as family caregivers. It has been considered out of place for a man to help a woman prepare a meal or wash and feed a baby. But, with the assistance of the NGO, men are helping with domestic tasks and making room for women to be fully involved in all kinds of farming activities, including developing and marketing farm-based businesses.