| April 14, 2019

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This week’s Farmer story from Mali discusses the cereal crop, fonio. So does our Script of the week.

Fonio is considered to be the oldest cereal in western Africa, but has not received much attention, partly because its grains are very small. But fonio is experiencing renewed interest because of its delicious taste and excellent nutritional qualities. It is often prepared for large events such as family celebrations. Fonio production and processing in West Africa is mostly undertaken by women.

This radio script is based on a debate produced by Radio Fanakan in Fana, Mali. The topic is fonio and gender.

You could use this script as inspiration for creating programming on fonio or other lesser-known grain crops—or on crops which are largely grown by women. You could also broadcast this script as it is, using voice actors to speak the parts, but changing the names and locations and indicating that it is based on interviews conducted in Mali.