Farmers adopt better post-harvest practices for fruits and vegetables

| March 27, 2017

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This week, our Script of the Week section includes three scripts!

In collaboration with the World Vegetable Center, Farm Radio International produced three radio scripts on post-harvest processing and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Post-harvest loss and food waste is a major problem. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that as much as one third of food rots in farmers’ fields, is spoiled in delivery, or is wasted when it is not consumed or used in other ways.

Post-harvest loss is particularly severe for fruits and vegetables because they are extremely perishable.

The first of our three Scripts of the Week focuses on a Zero-energy cooling chamber, a storage unit which often doubles the shelf life of post-harvest vegetables. You can find it here  Farmers adopt eco-friendly, zero-energy storage technique for vegetables in northern Ghana

The second script is entitled Dried and delicious: Solar dryers help growers store fruits and vegetables longer. It covers the benefits and opportunities of using a solar dryer, and provides guidance on building and using it.

The third script—Packed and ready to go: Good quality packaging and handling boosts income from tomato sales—is a short drama which outlines a variety of recommended practices for packaging and transporting tomatoes.

Enjoy and learn!