Drip irrigation

| June 21, 2021

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Climate change is a problem that affects everybody, both rich and poor. So everybody should be involved in the process of finding solutions.

Sometimes people might not understand the scientific explanation of climate change or the words used to explain it. But the outcome is very clear to them, like lack of consistent rain and inappropriate temperatures.

In this script, we talk about how small-scale farmers—who in many cases are poor and lack enough land and resources for farming and mostly depend on the rains—can adjust their practices to adapt to this climate change which has made the rains unreliable. The script provides details about the benefits of drip irrigation, and details on how farmers can set up their own drip irrigation systems.

To adapt this script to your local situation, interview people dealing with environmental issues in your area about the effects of climate change. You could also interview agricultural officers on the new tools, equipment, and methods of farming—including drip irrigation—that can help farmers adapt to the effects of climate change in your country.