Drip irrigation

| March 18, 2022

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In line with this edition’s Resource about World Water Day, our Script of the Week also focuses on making the most of available water. 

Climate change is a problem which is affecting everybody, both rich and poor. So everybody should be involved in the process of finding solutions.

Sometimes people might not understand the scientific explanation of climate change or the words used to explain it. But the outcome is very clear to them, like lack of consistent rain and inappropriate temperatures.

For everyone to survive this change which has been brought about by human activities like cutting trees and production of harmful gases, we must find ways of adapting to the change. These adaptation strategies will be different for everyone.

In this script, we talk about how small-scale farmers—who in most cases are poor and lack enough land and resources for farming and mostly depend on the rains—can adjust their practices to adapt to the changing climate change that has made the rains unreliable. Farmers can find ways of using the little water that they receive from these unpredictable rains to get enough food for their daily lives.

To adapt this script to your local situation, interview the people dealing with environmental issues in your area about the effects of climate change. You could also interview agricultural officers on the new tools, equipment, and methods of farming that can help farmers adapt to the effects of climate change in your country.