Backgrounder: Raising guinea fowl for food and income

| August 15, 2016

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This week’s story from Uganda looks at the benefits of raising geese. Our Script of the week provides basic information about raising a different bird: the guinea fowl.

This is the first of FRI’s Backgrounders, with many more to follow in the coming months. Backgrounders offer the most basic and important information on specific agricultural topics, and point readers to more in-depth online resources.

The guinea fowl backgrounder notes key facts about raising guinea fowl, and identifies the major challenges. Then, it gives basic information about:

  • the different kind of production systems for raising guinea fowl,
  • housing and feeding the birds,
  • breeding guinea fowl,
  • incubation, brooding and post-brooding management; and
  • managing health and disease.

At the end of the Backgrounder, you’ll find a list of key definitions and links to useful documents.

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