Aquaculture: The value chain

| June 18, 2018

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This week’s Farmer story from Kenya highlights a farmer who succeeds with fish farming. Our Script of the week is an Issue pack all about the fish farming value chain—from building a fish pond to marketing your fish.

The issue pack is designed to provide radio broadcasters with the information they need to create effective and entertaining radio programs on the value chain for fish farming, also called aquaculture.

The issue pack focuses on aquaculture in Malawi, but the information can be easily adapted to other sub-Saharan African countries where aquaculture is practiced.

The issue pack contains the following sections:
• Why farm fish?
• What equipment do you need?
• The scale of fish farming
• Raising farmed fish
• Integrated aquaculture-agriculture
• Storage
• Processing
• Marketing

The final section of the issue pack lists sources for further information on the aquaculture value chain, including resource organizations, online radio programs, online videos, and online documents.

You might use the information in this issue pack in several ways. For example:

You could use the stories near the beginning of the issue pack as a starting point for creating your own local stories. Interview aquaculture producers, traders, and others.

You can use the background information for any program on aquaculture.

You could contact one or more of the organizations listed in the final section for information, or to interview experts.

You could use the audio and video resources and online documents to help create programs on aquaculture.