Animals’ diseases can affect people

| May 25, 2020

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This week’s Farmer story from the DRC refers to zoonotic diseases, diseases that can spread back and forth from animals to humans. Our Script of the week, first published by Farm Radio in 2002, also talks about zoonotic diseases.

* Important: It should be noted that, while it is thought that the coronavirus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic originated in an animals and spread to a human, there is no evidence that humans can be infected with the coronavirus through contact with animals.

Some livestock diseases can infect both people and animals. These are called “zoonotic” diseases. Two examples are Rift Valley fever and Ebola. Zoonotic diseases have become increasingly prevalent, with devastating effects. Other examples of zoonotic diseases are rabies, anthrax, trypanosomiasis, and brucellosis. These diseases present a public health challenge and pose serious economic risks to farmers who depend on livestock to make a living. Farmers need to be aware of these risks and to play a role in control and prevention by using proper hygienic practices when handling livestock and pets.

Broadcasters can play an important role in controlling of these diseases by promoting communication and cooperation among public health officials, medical professionals, and veterinarians.