A guide for broadcasters to some important livestock diseases

| September 17, 2018

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This week’s Farmer stories are all about livestock, and ensuring livestock health.

But animal health—and animal diseases—is a big topic. There are simply too many kinds of livestock diseases for a non-expert to be familiar with every one. Our Script of the week provides a few basic facts about twelve of the most important and widespread livestock diseases. The information is basic, but it can help you decide which diseases to focus on when designing a radio program.

To produce relevant programs for farmers in your audience, you will need to do local research. Find out which livestock diseases are the most serious in your area now and which ones might be a problem in the future.

Talk to farmers, scientists, veterinarians, and agricultural extension workers. If you have access to the Internet, consult the websites listed at the end of this script. Don’t forget that many important livestock diseases can be transmitted to humans, including Rift Valley Fever, rabies, and anthrax. So remember to consider human health issues when preparing your programs.