A better life in the country

| March 12, 2018

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In keeping with this week’s focus on youth, our Script of the week is a short drama that shows that, sometimes, life in the countryside can be more satisfying and successful than living in the city.

Young people often want to leave the country for the bright lights of the city and the promise of good jobs. But they may be disappointed. Rural people who migrate to the city are often not aware of the problems they can face. Newcomers who move far from their families may encounter poor living conditions, unemployment, and a lack of social support.

This drama features a series of letters between a young couple and the husband’s uncle, who lives in the city. The couple wants to move to the city for a better life. But the uncle warns them that life in the city is not a bed of roses, and they may face significant challenges. The couple is motivated to leave, and finally settle in the city.

Two years later, they return to the village after facing challenges such as finding housing, unhygienic conditions, lack of clean drinking water, poor-paying jobs, unemployment, no land to grow food, and generally finding that city life didn’t live up to their youthful dreams.

The drama finishes with the narrator’s words: Remember that, although life is hard in rural areas, it can be even harder in the city.