Women and development: A radio program on gender-based violence and women’s rights

| January 18, 2024

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The radio station Radio Bandama, located in Côte d’Ivoire, created a program focused on women that addresses topics such as gender-based violence and women’s rights. “Women and development” airs every Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 4:55 p.m. The broadcasters working on this program are Zahiri Mireille and Ouffoue Méafiliait.

Media, especially community radios, play a crucial role in the fight against gender-based violence by raising awareness through information broadcast in various local languages. It also provides a platform for both men and women to discuss issues related to gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence is defined as a set of harmful acts directed at an individual or a group based on their gender identity. It can take various forms, including rape, sexual assault, physical aggression, denial of resources, forced marriage, and psychological and emotional violence.

But addressing sensitive topics like gender-based violence on air poses challenges, particularly in communities where discussions on this subject are considered sensitive. The station tackles these issues by carefully selecting topics based on the availability of guests or resources in rural areas.

The station engages the community and survivors by giving them a voice on radio shows that include audio clips, interviews, and street interviews. Key messages for male listeners focus on the idea that the fight against gender-based violence is everyone’s concern.

Survivors of gender-based violence in the region are supported by the Ministry of Family, Women, and Childhood’s national program against gender-based violence, with a gender-based violence platform created for follow-up. The station’s future objectives include organizing awareness activities in neighbourhoods and villages to combat gender-based violence.