Rifati Jumanne Mgobole, runner-up for the 2022 George Atkins Communication Award

| June 24, 2022

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Rifati Jumanne Mgobole is a producer, host, and assistant editor with Radio Pambazuko FM in Ifakara, Tanzania. He holds a diploma in journalism from the Dar es Salaam Institute of Journalism and Public Relations.

Mr. Mgobole is a runner-up for the 2022 George Atkins Communication Award.

He says his greatest strength as a broadcaster is his ability to inform, educate, and entertain his listening community. He currently works on three programs: He produces and hosts Pambazuko FM Safari Ya (Pambazuko FM Journey), produces and hosts Kilimo Na Ufugaji (Agriculture Session), and works as an editor and host on Taarifa Ya Habari (News Bulletin).       

Mr. Mgobole includes listeners’ voices in his program in a variety of ways. Listeners share their experiences and describe their problems by phone or by SMS, and also discuss issues on air so that experts can respond. He also visits farmers in the field and listens to their ideas and concerns.                                                                        

He receives audience feedback through SMS and face-to-face conversations, and listeners call him directly. Listeners say that they particularly enjoy the flow of the programs, the ability to be involved in them, the focus on solving challenges together, and how the programs are presented. 

Mr. Mgobole captures his audience’s attention and keeps them entertained by using simple and understandable language, by ensuring that he airs examples of solving community problems in a timely fashion, by playing indigenous songs sung by farmers themselves, and by airing success stories featuring individual farmers or the general community.  

He has engaged with FRI over the last several years. He recently hosted an eight-month program on agricultural value chains, produced in partnership with Farm Radio and the African Wildlife Foundation. In 2017, he worked with Farm Radio on an agricultural project in Kilombero District, and has participated in FRI trainings and e-courses, received and used Farm Radio resources, and participated in FRI’s online discussions on WhatsApp.

Photo: Rifati Jumanne Mgobole in studio. Photo courtesy of Rifati Jumanne Mgobole.