New script package focuses on livestock health

    | August 10, 2009

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    Livestock play an absolutely vital role in African rural life. They provide food, power for soil cultivation and transporting goods to market, manure and urine for soil fertility, and a wide variety of other products, including wool, hides and skins.

    Small livestock, because of their high rates of reproduction and growth, can provide a regular source of income. Larger animals such as cattle act as a capital reserve. Because animals play such a vital role, animal disease can have a devastating impact on small-scale farming families.

    Farm Radio International’s latest script package includes six scripts on the subject of livestock health. Topics include common livestock diseases such as parasitic roundworms and Newcastle disease, as well as disease prevention through animal nutrition and care. The package also provides a Story Sheet, which will guide you through writing your own scripts on animal health.

    The script package can be found online, here: By clicking on script titles, you can read or download individual scripts. Or, you can download the entire script package by following this link: