Meeting Farm Radio Weekly writers!

    | April 8, 2013

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    At the beginning of February this year, Karen Hampson, an FRI staff member based in Arusha, Tanzania, attended a symposium presented by a local NGO called ECHO.

    After her presentation on FRI and its projects in Tanzania, several members of the audience approached Karen with questions. One of them hung back, waiting patiently for an opportunity to talk with her. When she was free, he said, “My name is Hendry Mziray, and you published my story in Farm Radio Weekly.”

    Karen says, “It was a nice surprise to meet Mziray. I remember talking to him on the phone from Ottawa and developing the story.” Mziray and Karen talked for a while. Mziray said he was happy to have written the story, as it helped him get a promotion!

    His bosses were so delighted with the exposure for their organization, ACT TAP, that they promoted him. He now works as Assistant National Coordinator.

    You can read his story here: . Why not contribute to Farm Radio Weekly? You never know what might happen …