Meet Théophile Yimetyiga Nébié from Radio Loudon, Burkina Faso

| July 30, 2021

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To his listeners in Ziro province, Burkina Faso, Théophile Yimetyiga Nébié is a star. 

Mr. Yimetyiga Nébié says radio is his passion, and he uses his programs to celebrate farming and let farmers express themselves. The subjects that excite him most are crop farming, livestock, and land.

Mr. Yimetyiga Nébié has 10 years of experience as a journalist. He is currently station manager at Radio Loudon, where his programs highlight farmers’ opinions and experiences. His main goal as a broadcaster is to support the development of the agricultural sector in his community and motivate his fellow production staff.

Mr. Yimetyiga Nébié’s program, Citizen Magazine (“Magazine Citoyen”), covers a variety of topics, including crop storage. He says the program responds to climate change by promoting adapted practices and improved seeds. 

For him, the key to success is collaboration. His experience in agriculture and ability to build relationships enables him to work with both farmers and radio colleagues to create the best agricultural programs possible.

Citizen Magazine features the voices of male and female farmers through vox pops, interviews, and calls. It offers a lot of value to farmers, including new production methods and weather forecasts. Listeners express their appreciation for the program through phone calls and interviews. 

In collaboration with Farm Radio International, Mr. Yimetyiga Nébié has contributed to producing programs for the ADOSANTÉ project on adolescent reproductive and sexual health. He has benefited from many FRI training sessions, and says these have enabled him to produce programs that meet his listeners’ needs. He uses FRI’s resources to improve the quality of his productions and comply with VOICES standards.

Théophile Yimetyiga Nébié is one of five runners-up for the 2021 George Atkins Communications Award. The George Atkins Communications Award recognizes radio broadcasters for their excellence in serving their rural audience and commitment to Farm Radio International. Read the profiles of winners and runners-up in the Spotlight section of Barza Wire.

Photo: Théophile Yimetyiga Nébié in studio. Photo courtesy of Radio Loudon.