Here’s how Farm Radio broadcasting partners participated in our COVID-19 vaccine confidence campaign

| September 19, 2022

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Vaccines are critical in preventing severe illness from COVID-19 and keeping communities healthy. Yet many people still have questions or are hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Between May and September 2022, approximately 250 Farm Radio broadcasting partners in 16 countries participated in our COVID-19 vaccine confidence campaign. The campaign promoted COVID-19 vaccines, answered listeners’ questions, and provided good information on the effectiveness of the vaccines available in their communities as well as how to access them. 

Participating broadcasters designed this campaign for their own station, selecting the key messages and themes most relevant to their audiences and addressing the information needs of their listeners. The campaign included radio spots and interview segments that stations aired on multiple programs. 

Now that the campaign is wrapping up, broadcasters from across sub-Saharan Africa have submitted samples of their work to show how they participated in the campaign. 

You can listen to the work of your fellow broadcasters on SoundCloud in: 

Thanks to all participating stations for their hard work and dedication! We will continue to share results and highlights of the COVID-19 vaccine confidence campaign in coming editions of Barza Wire.