Barza Wire spotlights African farm broadcasters

| December 12, 2014

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Farm Radio International knows that farmer radio programs help farmers voice their concerns and share their lives through the airwaves. We want to celebrate the hard work of the farm radio broadcasters who serve these farmers.

Starting in December 2014, we will be profiling an African farm broadcaster in many of our weekly Barza Wire editions. We will be collecting stories about farm radio broadcasters from all over Africa.

We want to build a better understanding and an appreciation for what African farm broadcasters do, and spotlight how their work improves the lives of small-scale farmers and farming communities.

Do you or your station want to be featured in Barza Wire? Do you want to nominate another broadcaster you think Barza Wire readers should hear about?

Get in touch with us by emailing and

In your email, tell us:

why you think your work and the work of your radio station should be highlighted;

how your farm radio programs are put together; and,

how you interact with your farming audience.

Whether you are nominating yourself or another broadcaster, please email us with responses to the questions above, along with your contact information (name and phone number) or the contact details of the broadcaster you are nominating.

We will follow up with you or the person you are nominating –and get your stories published!