Announcing the winners of Farm Radio’s Awards for 2022

| February 21, 2022

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Farm Radio International celebrates excellence in African radio broadcasting with our annual awards. As always, this year’s winners of the George Atkins Communications Award and the Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio are excellent examples of how radio broadcasters and radio programs can serve listeners, and improve their lives. We are proud of their accomplishments, and wish them much success in their future endeavours. 

This year, we announced and honoured our winners and runners-up in an online, bilingual event in advance of World Radio Day, Feb. 13. Click here to watch the recording: 

You can also look forward to reading the profiles of the winning broadcasters and their programs at and 

The George Atkins Communications Award was first awarded 30 years ago to Ahmed Baba Counta of the Office of Radio and Television Broadcasting in Senegal. This award is named after FRI’s founder, George Atkins, and recognizes radio broadcasters who serve their rural audience and are committed partners of Farm Radio International.

This year’s winners are:

Patricia Kasoki, Radio communautaire et environnementale de Kanyabayonga (RCEKA-FM), DRC

Patricia Kasoki is a proactive, dynamic broadcaster at Radio communautaire et environnementale de Kanyabayonga (RCEKA-FM) in North Kivu, DRC. Ms. Kasoki currently runs her own program called Badilika (Change) which she created to educate her listeners about local land ownership laws so that they can influence policy and participate in decision-making about land development.

Rosemonde Bakieno, Radio Munyu, Burkina Faso

Rosemonde Bakieno is a journalist and director of Radio Munyu, a community radio station for women in Banifora, in the Cascades region of Burkina Faso. Her interactive radio program Tchikèlaw ka wagati (Tribune of farmers and breeders) informs and empowers farmers and livestock keepers to improve their economic status through composting and making pesticides.

Solomon Ayele, Debre Berhan Fana FM 94.0, Ethiopia

Solomon Ayele is a broadcast journalist and station manager at Debre Berhan Fana FM 94.0 in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia. He also produces a farmer program called Yebalagero Keye (Farmers’ neighbourhood) which focuses on best practices in beekeeping and honey production.

The Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio was first awarded in 2019 to Voice of Kigezi’s B’Omugaiga program. This award recognizes a radio program team dedicated to serving women listeners and whose program addresses gender equality and amplifies the voices of women.

This year’s winners are:

Leadership au féminin (Leadership for women) from Radio Media + (Bouaké), Côte d’Ivoire (Grand Prize winner)

In 30 minutes each week, Leadership au féminin aims to present listeners with stories about women in non-traditional roles to spread the message that women and men are equal, and can play many different roles in society. The program also addresses issues such as women’s access to sexual and reproductive health information, gender-based violence, and more, and boasts many diverse segments, including: 

  • Femmes 2.0, which deals with entrepreneurship skills for women, 
  • Une grossesse, un repos, which discusses maternal health and family planning, and
  • Débat politique inclusif, which encourages women to participate in local decision-making processes.

Jinsia na Maendeleo (Gender and Development) from Radio Maria, Tanzania (Runner-up prize)

Jinsia na Maendeleo is a vibrant, 30-minute program run by the one-woman team that is Julieth Muunga. Using jingles, vox pops, and interviews, this program educates listeners on the importance of empowering women to occupy positions of leadership and encourages women and men to break down gender-based stereotypes. In past episodes, Jinsia na Maendeleo has given women a platform to share their stories about overcoming gender-based violence, as well as achieve success in positions of leadership.

Congratulations again to the 2022 winners and runners-up!