Abdul Nayaru Froko – pioneering educational broadcasts for farmers at GBC Radio

| May 23, 2024

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Abdul Nayaru Froko is a passionate journalist with a love for broadcasting. He creates educational programs for farmers, covering topics such as agriculture, including seed selection, soil testing, and pest control, as well as health and road safety.

Since childhood, he’s been fascinated by the magic of radio, which led him to a career in journalism. He has a Bachelor’s degree in basic education and a diploma in information communication technology. He started working in radio 25 years ago with Ura Radio, the first FM station in West Africa. With two and a half decades of experience in radio, he’s now the chief controller of programs at GBC Radio Upper West in Ghana.

Mr. Froko’s programs have helped small-scale farmers by encouraging them to use best practices. One problem in his area is that groundnut farmers were using low-yielding varieties. In response, Mr. Froko’s program discussed new crop varieties, using a variety of radio formats, including dialogues and farmer interviews, to discuss the issue and convey information. The result was that farmers were more open to adopting the new and higher-yielding varieties.  

Recognizing the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical events on pesticide costs, he initiated a radio campaign that encouraged farmers to adopt integrated pest management. By promoting cost-effective alternatives to pesticides, Mr. Froko’s program helped farmers embrace integrated pest management, and farmers shared their successes on air.

Mr. Froko is currently engaged in the Green Leaf program, an initiative led by Farm Radio International aimed at fostering sustainable agricultural practices among farmers. This innovative program provides crucial guidance on organic fertilizers, advocating for their use to enhance soil health and crop productivity while promoting environmental sustainability.

He incorporates farmers’ voices into his programs through phone-ins, Uliza poll/IVR platforms, and personal field interviews, and keeps his listeners engaged and entertained with local music such as recordings of farmer songs.

Abdul Nayaru Froko’s career demonstrates the power of broadcasting to educate farmers. Through his innovative programs and dedicated efforts, he has not only assisted farmers but also promoted sustainability and strengthened community resilience.