Videos on agroforestry

| December 12, 2022

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These videos from Access Agriculture provide more information about agroforestry techniques and different tree species to use in agroforestry. Watch these videos to learn about the techniques and share the information on air with your listeners.

Parkland agroforestry

Trees produce timber and firewood, but also fruit, pods, leaves and medicines for people and livestock. Some species can help to improve soil fertility and reduce temperatures, as well as support crops and livestock.

Watch this video to learn more about parkland agroforestry: 

Grevillea agroforestry

Grevillea robusta was originally introduced as a shade tree in the coffee and tea estates of East Africa. Now small-scale farmers use the tree in many ways as it does not interfere with crop growth. Uses for this tree include timber, fuelwood, leaf mulch, and shade. It also serves as a windbreak.Watch this video to learn more about Grevillea agroforestry: