Unpaid care work: Your daily load and why it matters

    | April 4, 2022

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    This interactive tool from UN Women explores the burden of unpaid care work. Unpaid care work includes caretaking and domestic chores, tasks which often fall on women.

    With this tool, you can select which types of unpaid domestic and care tasks you do and estimate how long you spend on them per week. The tool then calculates the total amount of time you will spend on unpaid care work in your lifetime and compares it to the global averages for men and women.

    This resource also provides information on:

    • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on unpaid care work. 
    • The root cause of unequal workloads: rigid gender norms.
    • Consequences of the burden of unpaid work on women, including impacts on health, education, and employment.
    • How to reduce women’s workload.

     This resource is only available in English.

    To access the resource, go to: https://interactive.unwomen.org/multimedia/explainer/unpaidcare/en/index.html