Ten Practical Tips for Covering Development

    | July 29, 2013

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    Development stories are big news in developing countries. But media reports are too often simply repetitions of government announcements about infrastructure development – roads, bridges, hospitals, etc. – and official claims that lives will improve.

    Those articles turn off the reading and viewing public. This often results in editors assigning their staff to other kinds of stories.

    Edem Djokotoe was a Knight International Journalism Fellow in Malawi in 2010 and 2011. This document presents his top ten practical tips for covering development.

    Mr. Djokotoe recommends that journalists use less jargon and pay more attention to people; he stresses impact and original reporting. He reminds journalists that they are writing for ordinary people – not development “experts” – in order to show them the implications of the events unfolding around them. Mr. Djokotoe suggests that following this advice will lead to creative, rich stories full of information and knowledge.

    You can download his advice through this link: http://www.icfj.org/sites/default/files/Ten_Practical_Tips_for_Covering_Development.pdf