Steps for story-based farm radio programming – Step 6: Getting a good recording

    | February 2, 2009

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    Broadcasters participating in the African Farm Radio Research Initiative (AFRRI) recently engaged in training to produce story-based radio programming. We’re sharing part of the training materials here in the Radio Resource Bank. Below you’ll find Step 6 of an eight-step guide to story-based farm radio programming, which focuses on how to get a good recording.

    To re-visit the first four steps, visit the following:
    Step 1: Topical thinking
    Step 2: Practical research
    Step 3: Focus and story idea
    Step 4: Formats and program plan
    Step 5: Interviewing and well-crafted questions

    Think of your microphone as a camera with which you get a close-up image of the interviewee. This helps build an intimate relationship between the listener and the radio.

    Try to do the interview in a place where the background sound is low and consistent. Otherwise you will have problems when editing the interview. It is best to seek a quiet and non-distracting place for the interview.

    Hold the mic (or the recorder with built-in mic) close to the interviewee, and below their eye level, so that the equipment is not a barrier between you.

    What do you make sure to have ready in order to get a good recording in the field or on the phone? What techniques do you use during the interview?