Sexual and reproductive health

| October 31, 2022

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Each year, millions of preventable deaths can be attributed to various issues related to sexual and reproductive health. Good sexual and reproductive health requires continuous learning. Individuals must be informed about their sexual and reproductive rights, and about contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted diseases, and available health services. 

Sexual and reproductive health rights include the right to risk-free and freely-chosen sexual experience, full access to family planning services, and the right to be protected from physical and sexual assault. But there are many barriers to enjoying these rights and services, including sex, gender, and race. It can be especially difficult to find help for unwanted pregnancies and cervical cancer since these two aspects of sexual and reproductive health are often overlooked and misunderstood.  

It would be helpful to improve understanding of these social inequalities by collaborating with: 

  • Community organizations
  • Women’s organizations 
  • Feminist movements. 

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