Plantwise Knowledge Bank

| February 19, 2018

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This week’s Farmer stories and Spotlight discuss pests and diseases that are affecting staple crops such as maize and cash crops like coffee. As the researcher points out in this week’s story from Uganda, global warming has created favourable conditions for some pests and diseases to spread to areas where they were previously unknown.

The Plantwise Knowledge Bank is a resource to help combat plant health problems. You can read country- or region-specific information on plant health through this online database. The website features a diagnostic tool that can help you determine what the problem is, and fact sheets which provide tips on prevention and treatment.

You can filter your searches by language and country to find the information which is most useful to your audience.

To view fact sheets on common pests and diseases in coffee, go to:

To learn more about how climate change is affecting coffee production, see this Plantwise blog post:

For more information on aflatoxins, go to this video:

To view the full database, go to: