Irrigation resources

| June 21, 2021

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Two of our Farmer stories address the challenges of growing vegetables, which includes water management. Access Agriculture produces many good videos on farming techniques, including two on drip irrigation and pitcher irrigation.

Drip irrigation for tomato:

Farmer groups and individuals in Burkina Faso explain the benefits and challenges of a low-cost drip irrigation system, and show how to set up such a system.

This video is available in English, French, and several other languages.

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Pitcher irrigation:

With pitcher irrigation, round porous clay pots are buried in the soil near the crop and filled with water. The water seeps out slowly through the porous walls of the pot and reaches the roots of the plants. As the plants consume the water, more water will seep out of the pot. In this way, the pot provides exactly the right amount of water needed for the plants.

This video is available in English and French.

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