International Youth Day 2015

| August 10, 2015

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To achieve sustainable development, it is critical that youth engage in civic activities and participate in society. But young people have few opportunities to be active politically, economically and socially. They often have to carve out their own opportunities.

To draw attention to youth issues, the United Nations created the International Youth Day (IYD). The UN observed the first IYD on August 12, 2000.

This year’s IYD will focus on encouraging youth to engage in civic activities and participate in politics and public life.

The IYD 2015 campaign invites young people to share stories, ideas and events related to civic engagement. They can do so by submitting a photograph that relates to the theme. They can also tweet ideas and opinions on the theme, using the hashtag #YouthDay.

Broadcasters can use the hashtag #YouthDay to find interesting, youth-focused stories to report on.

To learn more about the IYD 2015 campaign, click here:

Photo credit: UNDP Youth