International Day for Rural Women – help bridge the gaps!

| October 2, 2022

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International Day for Rural Women is marked on October 15, 2022. 

Rural women make up a large part of the world’s agricultural labour force. These women are farmers, wage earners, and entrepreneurs who are often unpaid or underpaid for their work.  Compared to the men in their communities, rural women have poorer access to resources and opportunities such as education, training, land, and fertilizer. And they work significantly longer hours than their male counterparts.

Reducing the inequalities between women and men in the workplace will lead to economic and social gains for all. By empowering rural women, communities and countries can boost their agriculture-led growth. 

There are many ways to proceed. You could: 

  • Empower the rural women in your community by advocating for the sharing of household work within the family. 
  • Use your platform to spread the names of rural workers’ organizations that defend women’s rights in the workplace. 
  • Start a social dialogue that encourages rural women to speak about their experiences dealing with gender inequality. 

For more information on bridging inequality and supporting rural women around the challenges they face in the workplace, please consult: Rural Women at Work: Bridging the gaps at—ed_protect/—protrav/—ilo_aids/documents/publication/wcms_619691.pdf