Further resources on sustainable charcoal production from Practical Action

    | May 30, 2022

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    Our Farmer story from Tanzania focuses on sustainable charcoal production. Here are four resources from Practical Action that provide further information on the topic. 

    Sustainable Tree Management for Charcoal Production is a 2012 report centered on Kenya that covers issues such as: 

    • Selecting species for sustainable charcoal production,
    • Tree farming and management practices, and
    • Processing technologies. 

    Available at: https://infohub.practicalaction.org/bitstream/handle/11283/367709/5211f663-b8f8-4082-8993-754d0a000074.pdf?sequence=1 

    Sustainable Feedstock Management for Charcoal Production in Kenya is another 2012 report from Practical Action that covers: 

    • Potential feedstocks;
    • Case studies on tree management practices;
    • Community based initiatives on tree management for charcoal production;
    • Research on feedstock regeneration; and
    • Barriers and constraints in current feedstock management practices.

    Available at: https://infohub.practicalaction.org/bitstream/handle/11283/367720/520bf445-ac74-4ffd-8ae2-3fb10a000075.pdf?sequence=1 

    Fuel from the fields: Charcoal from Agricultural Waste describes a way for rural farmers to make charcoal from agricultural waste on a small scale.

    Available at: https://infohub.practicalaction.org/bitstream/handle/11283/314148/50b3833b-ed0c-4595-963c-23b61661b3dc.pdf?sequence=1 

    Gender Equity, Charcoal and the Value Chain in Western Kenya presents findings from research conducted in Western Kenya in May and June 2011, based on interviews and focus group discussions with local charcoal stakeholders, value chain actors, and government and NGO representatives in agroforestry and gender in Western Kenya, as well as academics in forestry, gender, and bioenergy. 

    Available at: https://infohub.practicalaction.org/bitstream/handle/11283/367708/5211ef40-7d44-4c0c-bde9-4e940a000074.pdf?sequence=1