Change the story: Refugees and migrants speak against gender-based violence

    | December 2, 2013

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    For refugees and migrants in South Africa, accessing services after being victimized by sexual violence can be a difficult and traumatizing experience. All women and girls face problems reporting any kind of violence. Refugees and migrants suffer the added barriers of language, lack of knowledge of local systems and rights, not knowing where to go, few support systems, and xenophobia.

    One of the key responses of the South African government to sexual violence has been the establishment of Thuthuzela Care Centres (TCCs) under the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. The TCCs are an innovative one-stop shop that offers comprehensive sexual assault services.

    Community Media For Development (CMFD) is a South African consultancy firm specializing in media and communication for development, funded through projects commissioned by international agencies, governments and NGOs.

    To help promote awareness, encourage dialogue, and urge migrants and refugees to seek help, CMFD worked with 20 refugees, migrants, and South Africans to develop three mini-dramas and related discussion guides, to be broadcast on radio stations. The dramas were written by the 20 participants, based on their experiences, and then voiced by the participants themselves.

    The three mini-dramas, Leaving Home: Facing Sexual Harassment; I have the right: Reporting a Case; and Dangerous Borders: Vulnerable in Transit are available for download through these links:

    Leaving Home: Facing Sexual Harassment: Home Facing Sexual Harassment.mp3

    I have the right: Reporting a Case:

    Dangerous Borders: Vulnerable in Transit: Borders Vulnerable in Transit.mp3

    For more information, follow this link: