Celebrate World Radio Day

| February 6, 2017

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World Radio Day is in its sixth year and it’s growing! February 13 is an opportunity to celebrate the power of radio. This year, Farm Radio International is partnering with UNESCO for the celebrations.

The theme is: Radio is YOU!

This theme celebrates listeners. Listeners help to shape the content radio stations cover; they share questions and stories; and they can influence the policies of your station.

Listener groups are one way that broadcasters can connect with their audience. Mobile polling or phone-in programs are other techniques. This World Radio Day, tell UNESCO how you connect with your listeners. Share your experiences on social media or by registering your radio program on the UNESCO site.

UNESCO has many ideas on how to celebrate World Radio Day:

Celebrate on air: Radio stations can plan a special broadcast, host an open day or public event, or simply mention on air that it’s World Radio Day. We encourage you to register your station on the UNESCO website and register your broadcast or event on the events map. This lets the world know just what you are up to! You can include your station’s logo or image as well, and link to your Facebook page. Stations that register their program will receive a participation certificate from UNESCO.

Register your broadcast here: http://www.diamundialradio.org/user/register

Spread the word: Join the celebration on social media by using the hashtag #WorldRadioDay. Check out the Barza Facebook and Twitter pages for posts using this hashtag.

You can also download the jingle—available in English, French, and Swahili—or make your own. Check out the World Radio Day resources here: http://www.diamundialradio.org/resources

Listen to your listeners: Take the “health check-up” to learn more about consulting your audience. These resources offer some ideas for strengthening your radio station’s policies, forming listener groups, and asking for feedback. Learn more here: http://www.diamundialradio.org/radio-station-health-checkup