Cassava mosaic disease

| March 27, 2017

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This week’s issue of Barza Wire is all about cassava mosaic disease, and so our Resource shares sources of information to learn more about the disease.

The CABI Plantwise Knowledge Bank is a great resource for information on a variety of pests and diseases. Search the Knowledge Bank by area to find out what pests or diseases are prevalent where you live. Or search by crop to find out what pests and diseases may be affecting the farmers living in your area.

To search the Knowledge Bank, go to:

There are many factsheets available in English and French about cassava mosaic disease, including how to control the disease by uprooting plants. To see these factsheets, go to:

Access Agriculture also has information about growing cassava, including a video all about cassava mosaic disease. This video is available in English and French. Or you can download the factsheet. To watch the video, go to:

For more videos about cassava, go to: