Broadcaster how-to guide on managing your farmer program

| January 5, 2019

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Most of Farm Radio International’s Broadcaster how-to guides are written to help program producers and hosts improve their skills and serve their farmer-listeners better. This guide is intended for the person who manages the team that produces the station’s farmer program. It would also be useful, however, for producer-hosts to read this document, so that they can understand the benefits of having an active and supportive manager.

Your radio station probably covers a wide rural area inhabited by small-scale farmers. One of the most important services you can provide is a regular (daily or weekly) program that serves the needs of these farmers. If you produce an attractive and useful program, an increasing number of farmers will be drawn to the program and become loyal listeners.

Managing your station’s farmer program is an important task. Farmers rely on the information it provides, and the opportunity it gives them to discuss important issues on air. For the program to be strong and constantly improve, the program team needs the support of a manager who provides leadership, oversees planning, allocates resources, supervises staff, and evaluates results.

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